About the Euramerican National Assembly

The Euramerican National Assembly is a new approach to national renaissance and sustainment. It is revolutionary in its approach to defending, maintaining and promoting our nation and its interests. It works to organize a complete nationalist community under its banner. As such, the role of the Euramerican National Assembly is to articulate and represent the interests of the Euramerican nation and lead our people to a future of freedom, prosperity and security.

National Advocacy and Organization

The key task of the Euramerican National Assembly is to advocate for and organize the Euramerican community and promote its interests. It articulates these ideas for our people. It organizes the nation for the greatest degree of unity, national freedom and self-determination.

National Community

Organizing ourselves into a national, cultural community is of paramount importance. It is as a group that we can mobilize and assert our common interests as a people.

This whole-of-community approach means that we come together in a non-political, cultural and celebratory fashion as often as possible. We also organize ourselves into the key institutions and subgroups that allow us to be a productive and closely-knit society with people we know and respect.

But, we also work to build replacement institutions and infrastructure. This is seen in development of subgroups and working for our own communications, educational, and entertainment distribution tools. Some of these subgroups will be distinctly political in their purview, seeking to influence policy beyond our community for our own national interests.

National Assembly

One key approach to our overall mission is for fostering a culture of self-rule among our people. Therefore, the key institution that we enact is a national assembly where those who dedicate themselves to the national community have a voice for negotiating and deliberating for our own common interests in a national legislative forum.