Foundational Ideas

The Euramerican National Resolution[PDF]The document describing the conditions leading to and the resolve for forming the Euramerican National Assembly
The Constitution of the Euramerican National Assembly[PDF]How we organize ourselves as a community
Foundations of the Euramerican National Assembly[PDF]A big-picture description of the ideas underlying the Euramerican National Assembly


These documents are offered as reference examples of rights that we make claims to. This is not meant to imply that our rights originate from these documents or organizations. Rather, our rights exist and are expressed in documents and by organizations like these. However, in some cases, the U.S. Government is signatory to these treaties and covenanants. As such, these documents represent the law of the land which it is obligated to uphold.

U.S. Declaration of Independence[PDF]Declaration of Independence expresses many ideas about natural rights in a succinct manner.
Internatonal Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights[PDF]Expresses many rights which are recognzied as universal. The U.S. Government is signatory to this.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights[PDF]Expresses many rights which are recognized as universal. The U.S Government is signatory to this.